What readers have said . . .
Igor Zap = Martin Pilcher = Igor Zap
Two names - same author - simples!


                                                Ivan's Fingers

"Great fun this book. All detective stories have a twist, but the twist here is that the detective doesn't know what he's doing. The hero, Wallace Peech, unwisely leaves his comfortable job in a bank to become a private investigator. But his first case soon spins far

out of his control. The bad guys are a Russian gangster, his devious wife, and a psychiatric doctor who has many of the other characters, including Peech himself, on an untested medication that's leading to some very strange behaviour.


Zap's storytelling is pacey and engaging. The narrative has all sorts of twists and turns, and it is endearing the way that the hero is as surprised by each new event as the reader. The prose style is contemporary and colourful with some great similes along the way ("Snoring like a ruptured bagpipe" was one of my favourites). It's difficult to pin down the genre of this book: as well as detective story it also has elements of political thriller, satire and even romance. But that doesn't matter a bit. File it under 'holiday reading' and make sure there's a copy in your suitcase next time you head for the sun."


                                                                                           Dr. Gavin Dixon - UK

                                                                              (Review from Amazon  Kindle edition)      


Up a Yum Bum Tree

"Hugely entertaining, unrelentingly fast-paced and gloriously absurd, Up a Yum Bum Tree is an unalloyed delight and is quite impossible to put down. Martin Pilcher's fantastical and hilarious tale takes a whirlwind tour of megalomania, Berlioz, organized crime and outrageous sex, while starring possibly the strangest tree ever to feature in modern fiction. Highly recommended. A joy to read."

Zac Milman - New York


The Banana Skin Tango

"A funny, sad, charming and often shocking book. Full of action and over-the-top situations, it's actually a very real and moving exploration of human nature. Sharp and beautifully written, this book is unlikely to leave anyone unaffected."

Irina Apekisheva - Moscow


  Beyond the S-Bend

"An immensely enjoyable slap-stick farce with characters making gaffe-prone entrances and exits.  Ambrose the Prime Minister is such a silly, gullible man that I forgave him for bringing the country to the brink of disaster. Written in the first person, it draws the reader so strongly into Ambrose's world that the absurdities seem almost rational. My favourite scene is where two senior civil servants fight over a fountain pen. It's full of gems like that."

 Ann Reglar - UK


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