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"We are here to fart about"

Kurt Vonnegut





Author Bio . . .


Exit the clown. I left school at 16 to become an actor (I mucked about so much they were glad to get rid of me). Alas, a glittering career did not follow. Beaten up by yobbos in Manchester, groped at the BBC TV centre whilst wearing tights for a Shakespeare production, and left on more film cutting room floors than you've had packets of popcorn. Eventually got fed up with starving and became a humble service clerk in a big corporate utility to pay the rent. Acted my way up the greasy pole to become a senior manager.


Whilst wearing a corporate suit I wrote short stories for women's magazines, and sketches for TV and radio. Also wrote promo video scripts and sometimes appeared in cameo roles.


Following redundancy, I set up a management and PR consultancy. Most clients drove me potty, so I jacked that in and became a freelance copywriter. Earnt loads of dosh but didn't enjoy sixteen hours a day in front of a computer. So I went physical and created a shed painting business. Then my back gave way.


So now I write fiction. When I'm stuffed for words I take a break by playing the tabla and listening to Berlioz in my shed. And if that doesn't work, I do Tai Chi, a journey of self-discovery if ever there was. Enough.


Igor . . . who?


Igor Zap is my writer's pseudonym. Ivan's Fingers is the first title to use it. Previous novels are published under my birth name Martin Pilcher. 


Igor Zap = Martin Pilcher = Igor Zap
Two names - same author - simples!


All my books are available as paperbacks & eBooks and can be purchased through Amazon & iBookstore etc. and are compatible with all known electronic devices, including:  iPad; iPhone; Kindle etc.